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Inspiring wellbeing + fitness websites

WellbeingInma Andres
Inspiring wellbeing + fitness websites

With the wellness world exploding online, there are so many websites, blogs, Instagram accounts, apps online that it can be a difficult space to navigate. One of the challenges is to find content that is reliable. Whilst it's fantastic that we all have the opportunity to write anything we like and share it with the world, with the freedom comes the overwhelming amount of content and the difficulty to find websites that publish well researched content and that are not just giving into the fads. 

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, how do you find places that are inspiring and make you feel motivated instead of inadequate? I have very few rules that I live by, but one of them is that if something makes me feel bad about myself or stops interesting me, I stop following it without a second thought. I don't have time (and neither have you) to follow Instagram accounts that make you feel bad about myself. Sometimes the photography is massively re-touched, but even if it is genuine and well meant, if it makes me feel crap, I hit the unfollow button presto!

Today I'm sharing a mixture of websites, podcasts and Instagram accounts that make me feel like I can rule the world! Hope you find something that sparks your interest here!



HBFIT stands for Health, Beauty and Fitness, all things I love to learn more about. It is so self explanatory that it is hard for me to say much more about it. I like that the topics are varied and for the most part sensible. I've recently become very frustrated with fads, whether they are new amazing ingredients that cost a bomb, are impossible to find and not that different from much more humble alternatives. I like that HBFIT keeps those kind of articles to a minimum and it is full of positive images and messages. 

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This is an oldie, and one of the first blogs I ever followed. Each month an expert or well known person in the world of wellbeing is a guest editor, and I love how it adds a lot of variety and personality to their content. 

Through The Chalkboard Mag I discovered Green Kitchen Stories, one of my favourite resources for delicious recipes, and I have learnt loads about ingredients.

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I love listening to a motivating podcast on my way to and from work every day, and Stronger is one of my favourites. It is hosted by Michelle Vartan and Erin Mosbaugh and it questions, defines and demystifies what healthy means. 

They always have really interesting interviews with experts, like chef Seamus Mullen (I LOVE him... and have a massive crush on him too, ha ha) and SoulCycle's founder Angela Davies, amongst many others. 


WOMEN'S HEALTH UK is an account I followed mostly for their insta-stories, which have links to some of their great content online. A great way to quickly pick up some tips on workouts or nutrition when I am on a bus, train or waiting for someone.

GOOP. Hear me out on this one before you roll your eyes at me! Yes, I know that Gwyneth Paltrow has said some crazy crap in the past and every now and then she will come up with some stupid bit of advice, but the Goop Instagram account is actually really brilliant and full of great recipes and content that makes me want to lead the healthiest lifestyle I can! 

I could look at SWEATY BETTY's website all day pining for their amazing clothes, but their Instagram is also a place I enjoy looking at. Their #Mondaymotivation quotes are brilliant, real and funny.

Inma x