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How to beat the 3pm slump

WellbeingInma Andres
How to beat the 3pm slump

I don't know about you, but after the clock says 3pm I am tired and struggle to focus, yet I have a few more hours in the office, so I have to make myself more alert and productive. These are some of my coping strategies:


My initial reaction would be to make a coffee, but I know that if I have a coffee after lunch there is no way I am going to sleep well that night and then I fall into a vicious circle. Now that I have given up caffeine it is not even an option for me! A glass of cold water is actually really refreshing and perks you up instantly.


I work in an open space office, so if I want to concentrate sometimes I have to plug my earphones in and listen to some music so I don't get distracted by more interesting conversations. I also use music to perk me up in the afternoon when my energy dips. Spotify have a section of playlists called Focus which I love and listen to daily. My favourites are Music for Concentration, Peaceful Piano and Deep Focus. The last one is great to give your work some pace and speed.



Some weekends when I am feeling in control of my life and have time, I often bake a tray of delicious oat and date bars and take them to work daily for a healthy mid afternoon snack. If not, a couple of squares of dark chocolate or some fruit will often give you the boost of energy you need without the subsequent sugar crash.



We spend so much of our working day sitting down and lack of movement can make you feel very sleepy at your desk. Get up, go to the kitchen, go talk to a colleague, go up and down the stairs or better still, get out of the office and walk around the block. A bit of movement and fresh air will help wonders.


  1. Get plenty of sleep. Yes, it is an obvious one, but try and go to bed earlier during the week. It might take some adjusting, but you will eventually feel the positive effects.
  2. Have multivitamins in the morning.
  3. Exercise regularly to build strength and stamina.
  4. Switch off at the end of the day. With all the digital distractions we have, our brains are always on the go and can work overtime. Try to have some time each day to switch off completely and reset your energy.

What are your tips to deal with that dreaded afternoon slump?

Inma x