A short guide to the Gili Islands

Set just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia, the Gili Islands were a mystery to me until last November. I was planning a trip to Bali and when I asked friends who had been to Indonesia for recommendations, pretty much everyone suggested I spent a few days there. After spending 4 days there, it is now my turn to pass on the message and recommend them to you. They really are like paradise on earth, with an edge.

10 inspiring quotes by Cheryl Strayed

Everyone needs a bit of Cheryl Strayed in their lives. In fact, everyone needs as much of Cheryl Strayed as they can get in their lives. Since I read Wild, her memoir, two years ago, she has become this source of inspiration and comfort. She has had an incredibly tough life, from being abused by her grandfather to losing her mother to lung cancer, having a dabble with drugs and so much more.

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Dinner in 15 minutes: spaghetti with asparagus + egg

Today I am sharing with you one of my all time favourites. I have been making it for at least 10 years! It is perfect when you have friends coming for dinner or you're back from work late and fancy something quick but tasty. It takes around 15 minutes and it is a healthy dinner that is packed full of flavour. 

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FLO Living 4 Day Hormone Detox

Yeah, I know that doing a cleanse or detox in January is a complete stereotype and cliche, but I don't mind too much what it sounds like. I love the new year more than I do Christmas and I think whether you drop a few resolutions by mid February or not, nobody can take away the positive effects of the good things you did.

Natural skincare: a beginner's guide

In the coming months I really want to talk more about natural skincare. I have been slowly making the switch to natural where I have found good alternatives and I would love to share some of the gems I have found, as well as the products that really didn't work at all. 

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How to beat the 3pm slump

I don't know about you, but after the clock says 3pm I am tired and struggle to focus, yet I have a few more hours in the office, so I have to make myself more alert and productive. These are some of my coping strategies

Best of 2016

I know I said I will no longer write this type of posts, but I couldn’t let a year start without looking back at the things I have discovered and enjoyed the most during 2016.

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